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1. Pass a Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination.  To make sure that your doctor is certified by Federal DOT to give these exams.  To find out you can ask the doctors office or click here to locate a registered doctor. You must show your federal Medical Card to the DMV at the time of applying for your CDL Instruction Permit.

2. Pass a Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Pre-Employment Drug Test.

3. Study the CDL Handbook online. Which you can find here.

4. For Wisconsin Driver Licesnse holder.  You will have to fill out Wisconsin drivers Licenses Application - MV3001 - filled out completely. Have the Commecial Drivers Certification: Tier of Operation - MV3230- filled out completely.  Have proof of citizenship or lefal presence in the U.S. available. You can check the list of acceptable documents here:

5. Decide which knowledge tests are needed for your situation. Available tests are:

Test/Topic Subject Classes                                     Questions                                          CDL Manual
A/B/C General Knowledge                                              50                                               Section 1-3
A- Combination Vehicles                                                20                                               Section 6
Air Brakes                                                                      25                                                Section 5

6. You can take the appropriate knowledge tests at any DMV office.  Be sure to arrive at least 1 hour before closing time.  It costs nothing to take the tests and you can take each test up to 5 times in a 12 month period.

7. When you pass all of your knowledge tests you may obtain a Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) for $30.00 from the DMV.  The permit is valid for 180 days.

8. After you have obtain your CDL Learnes Permit you are ready for behind the wheel training.

                                                       Call us to help you with your next step of your behind the wheel training.

Requirements & Options for Acquiring Your First CDL
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