Train the Trainer Phase I
Two(2)-Day Class
The role of the Driver Trainer is to teach safe driving skills, and to demonstrate work ethics and time management skills required for driver success behind the wheel.
  During the course, your instructors will be exposed to several training methods and tools allowing them to better teach and communicate to their driver trainees. Our instructors use "Commentary Driving" as an effective method to ascertain how well the trainee is understanding what he/she is learning and is an excellent way to know how their thought process works so that the trainer can better train on an individual basis.
Our 2 day training consists of:
Role Playing
Professional Training Methods
Behind the Wheel Training
Communicaton Skills
Training Manual w/step by step instruction
Evaluating driver performance and reasons for their performances
Course cost $1,400.00
Train the Trainer Phase II
Evaluation and Reinforcement
2-Day Follow-Up Class*
This follow-up course allows your trainers the opportunity to evaluate the program and discuss any problematic areas they may have had and to voice any ideas for improving upon the program.
There will advanced sessions on:
Role Playing Session
DDC-PTD Training
Learning Style Testing and Interpreting
Reinforcement of Various Training Methods
*Scheduled 6 months after initial training
Course cost $1,000.00

DDC - PTD Training
Defensive Driving Course/ Professional Truck Driver

Motor carriers are encouraged to send their drivers to participate in this training to give them additional knowledge and tools to use on the road to be safer drivers. With the changes "Drivers and Carriers" are now facing with CSA, knowing how to be safer on the road is a proactive way to deter higher SMS scores and to help your fleet from reaching or exceeding threshold percentages.

$125.00 4 Hour Course
($25.00 Discount for Sabertooth Clients)
please call for dates and times

It is not uncommon for drivers, new or seasoned to need either extra training or focused training when driving habits become an issue. We offer Remedial Training to those drivers who need focused attention in only one or two areas. A carrier or driver may contact us for an evaluation. The driver will use the equipment he/she is accustomed to while working.

Common reasons for this type of training are; taking corrective measures after an accident or improving skills such as backing, shifting and clutching plus working with safety issues and unsafe driving habits. Our instructors provide a training summary along with comments and evaluation notes.

A 48 hour notice is required, along with an appointment with one of our trainers.Unless an issue is extensive, most problems can be taken care of within our minumum 2 hour time allotment. For those behaviors which can not be corrected within that time, billing will be charged at consulting rates until a satisfactory level of competance is achieved. Carriers will be notified of any need which would exceed the two hour standard fee.

$250.00 Minimum-after 2 hours, billed at $125.00 per hour
40 hours $1295.00(according to fleet schedule or as fleet schedule allows)

Students shall be required to submit his/her tuition cost to SCDTI with the student's completed enrollment agreement.The balance of the tuition fee is due when SCDTI assigns a start date.
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Remedial Training
*Admission requirements-must be preapproved by fleet*