Training Time
Behind-the-Wheel Earning

If you look at the graph above, it is easy to see the difference in earning potential of a SCDTI graduate vs a Tech College graduate!

With a three week course plus six weeks of finish training, an individual is already at their first 60 day pay raise the first week a Tech College graduate is starting solo behind-the-wheel.

An individual must take this into account when considering the cost of tuition.

Tech College
Lower Tuition Cost

Pell Grants Available (Must meet  Qualification Standards)

Unemployment Compensation/TAA Funding paid while in class

10 week course + 4-8 weeks with finish trainer at carrier

Longer Training period before earning your 1st paycheck

Familiarization with multiple Truck and Trailer types

Higher Tuition Cost

Focused Training (Smaller Class Sizes)

Pell Grants not available

Unemployment Compensation/TAA Funding paid while in class

Shorter Time Span to Earning 1st Paycheck

3 week course + 4-8 weeks with finish trainer at carrier

Assistance in placement with a carrier before graduation
Funding Options
Our staff of professionals can guide you through all the options to see what you qualify for.
Carrier Pre-Hires

Many transportation companies offer tuition assistance and tuition reimbursement.If you are thinking about becoming a professional driver, contact us for more information or visit our Career planning  page for more information on participating fleets.
Personal Loan Options

Self-Funding through a personal loan at a financial institution can be a students best choice since interest rates are at an all time low. Many choose to seek help from friends or family members as co-signers or as a means of attaining the down payment. One option is to have a friend or family member partially fund the program so the the student has less of a burden to lend. SCDTI also accepts Credit Card payments for tuition. It is suggested if you choose this option to be pre-hired by a carrier or to gain employment from a carrier quickly after graduation so a personal loan can be gotten to lessen interest charges. Most loan payments are in the range of what a carrier would pay a month for tuition reimbursement so paying for your training with this option is a viable solution.
National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) - WIA 167

UMOS operated the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) in Wisconsin and Missouri.
The program design emphasizes the commitment to improve the lives of farmworkers and their families through education, vocational training, work experience, on-the-job training, English literacy training, adult skills, and life skills training.
The completion of these trainings lead to job placements or agricultural upgrades which in turn lead to greater self-sufficiency, positive self-esteem, and more productive and prosperous lives.

For more information
please call 920-787-4617 or  click here

Internal Financing

Financing can take time to process. Allow 2-3 weeks (minimum) before your anticipated course start date to fully complete the process. Depending on what option you are applying for, a carrier pre-hire may be advisable which may add an additional week or more to your financing timetable. If you are considering this option, be aware you will need a considerable amount of time beforehand to complete necessary tasks. Plan early! SCDTI will consider internally financing 30% ($1,500) of tuition to those individuals who qualify
New Financing Package

$1,400.00 Down
$304.44 Monthly Payments
*Payment amount are depending on qualification.
For 12 Month Loans
Call for more information.

715-942-2700 Ext. 103
State/Federal Funding and Grants

Job Center Locations

Our school is approved as an eligible training provider under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) in the State of Wisconsin allowing us to participate in WIA funding programs.

Dislocated Worker
If you are currently enrolled in an adult program, self-employed, under-employed, a displaced homemaker or currently collecting unemployment benefits you may qualify for this funding.

Vocational Rehabilitation
If you are an injured worker or are currently in a rehabilitation program, you may be eligible for this type of funding.

Trade Adjustment Act (TAA)
Individuals who have lost their job due to foreign competition or trade may be eligible for TAA Funding.

Tribal Education
If you are a Native American or are receiving funding through your tribal council or the Bureau of Indian Affairs, you may qualify for tuition aid.

VA Benefits

Use your GI-Bill benefits to get your Class A CDL training with us. Contact your local VA Representative today to start your new career as a professional driver! Use these links to get more information

Post 911 GI Benefits  

Active DutyArmy/Army Reserve Federal Tuition Assistance  

Army National Guard Federal Tuition Assistance 

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