The role of a truck driver has certainly changed from what it  was in the 70's and 80's.
Gone are the renegade "good ole boy" stereotypes. Technology, Safety Compliance and Economic pressures have drastically changed careers in trucking. Drivers now have the means to stay in touch and be informed at the punch of a button.
Long days on the road are relieved by satellite TV or watching DVD's right in their truck during off duty hours.
Truck driving is a challenging profession. Hours on the road away from family can be difficult.
Remaining safe and compliant while driving is more important than ever and knowing  regulations and correct logging procedures is a must!
This is not a 9 to 5 position.
It is a satisfying career with plenty of adventure for those willing to take on the challenge.
The Truckin' Lifestyle

As a new truck driver, you going to hear many new terms to describe how freight  is transferred from shipping point to receiving point. There is "OTR" or over the road, "regional" driving in one area almost exclusively, "line haul" taking a load to a certain point then hauling a different one back to your point of origin and "dedicated" which is a similar route every time out. As a new driver you will also hear the terms "intrastate" meaning always traveling within your home state boundries and "interstate" which is traveling through two or more states during a haul. In the beginning a new driver may not have the opportunity to choose the
type of driving they want.
In time, with a safe driving record and open positions within organizations that do the type of freight hauling you prefer, a driver can choose how much time he or she spends on the road or where they are spending that time. It takes a special individual to become a professional driver.
There are many stresses and challenges on a daily basis, such as long periods away from friends and family, the need to remain safe and in compliance whenever you are behind the wheel, a driver must be organized and diligent dealing with necessary paperwork and also must be courteous and customer focused on and off the road.
Along with the challenges, there are also many rewards. Drivers are able to see  the country, meet new people daily and enjoy the freedom of the open road. Not everyone is cut out to be a truck driver, but for those who are, it is an exciting and rewarding career.

The "Professional" Driver
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